Dartboard Setup Guide

Dartboard setup and measurements


The correct positioning of your dartboard is crucial. Here you will find measurements for the height of your board, as well as the distance to the oche (throwing line).

Once you have your dartboard measured and correctly positioned, you can confidently work on improving your game, knowing that these regulation measurements should be adhered to wherever you choose to play.

Dartboard Height:

The height from the floor to the very centre of the bullseye should be 1.73m (or 5 feet 8 inches). Depending on your bracket, getting this precise can be tricky, so ensure you take your time and plan accordingly.

Oche (throw line) Distance:

The oche should be positioned 2.73m (or 7 feet 9 and a quarter inches) away from the face of the dartboard (not the wall). Alternatively you can measure diagonally from the bullseye, in which case the oche should be positioned 2.93m away (or 9 feet 7 and three eighths of an inch).


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