How to Score X01 Darts

Rules for playing 501

If you're new to darts, and looking for instructions on how to keep score, this page is for you. X01 is a term meaning 501, but also 101, 201, 301... 1001, etc. So these rules apply to all X01 game modes.

A dartboard is divided into 20 sections, which score from 1 to 20 points as indicated by the number. Each section is split into further sections which indicate either a single, double or treble score.

Each player takes it in turns to visit the board, and throws three darts. You can determine who starts by throwing one dart at the bullseye - closest goes first!

How to score darts


Scoring is easy with the Score Darts app for iOS and Android. Play up to 4 player darts or challenge the clever SmartBot who analyses your recent performance to give you a good contest every time. Keep track of all your averages and stats with detailed player profiles.

Darts landing inside the outer wire score as follows:

  • Single - hit one of the larger areas of a numbered section to score the points value shown.
  • Double - hit one of the thin outer strips of a numbered section (coloured red or green), to score double the points shown for that section. Double-20 is often referred to as double-top.
  • Treble - hit one of the thin inner strips of a numbered section (again coloured red or green, but located about halfway between the outer wire and the centre of the board) to score triple the points value shown.
  • Bullseye - the small centre circle is split into a green outer ring which scores 25 points (the outer bull) and a smaller red or black circle (bull or inner bull), which scores 50 points. The term "bullseye" can be confusing as it can be used to mean either the inner bull or both parts combined. The inner bull counts as a double when doubling in or out.
  • If a dart lands outside of the outer wire then you score nothing (so best to try and avoid this!)
  • If a dart bounces out, either off the wire, off the board or off another dart, it scores nothing. Similarly if a dart falls out of the board before being retrieved by the player, it scores nothing.
  • A dart which is not touching the board at it's point, also scores nothing. This means that if a dart is resting in place thanks to another dart on the board, it doesn't count (unless the point is touching or embedded into the board).

Doubling in

  • Optionally, players can choose to 'double in'. This means a double must be hit by the player before they can start scoring. The double hit counts towards their score.

Doubling out / checking out

  • To finish / win a game, a player must hit exactly the score remaining, but they must do so by hitting a double (or the inner bull).

Going bust

  • If at any point a player scores more than the score they have remaining, they have "gone bust", and their current turn is over. Any score during this turn is disregarded (so a score of 0 is recorded) and the next player takes their turn.